In case no one knows

2012-10-29 15:41:21 by moonvamp

I do happen to have a Youtube, which hardly has any pageviews whatsoever. It's really sad how unpopular I am around those parts.

So, I have some of the same skits that I have submitted here, as well as some shitty song covers, memes, etc.

So, if you happen to check out my Youtube channel and like what you hear, please like, comment, and even subscribe to my channel. It'll mean so much to me to try and get my name out there, and to actually make new content.

I really mean the latter reason because I've been getting so few pageviews that it's been really dampening my urge to submit anything there.

My Youtube channel is thus: Moonvamp's Youtube Channel


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2012-10-29 15:42:23

Takes time mate.

Don't expect views over night

moonvamp responds:

Well, it's been over a year for me. XD