New Youtube plus the long-awaited debut of Hermie and Poppenfresh

2012-12-20 22:49:44 by moonvamp

It has been a struggle in the making, but I have FINALLY finished mixing the debut episode of my brand-new, original audio production called, The Fucked Up Escapades of Hermie and Poppenfresh.

Since it will be over forty minutes long, it definitely will not be possible to upload it here on Newgrounds since it will over exceed the limit set for audio recordings. So, I have made a New Youtube Channel where it shall reside, as well as any other original content I may come up with in the future. Feel free to subscribe now here: Moonvamp's 2nd Youtube Channel (Original Content)

I will also try to post this up on Itunes for free in case one doesn't want to go through all the hassle of downloading a program to convert it into an .mp3 file.

I now also have a Twitter and Tumblr page for the channel itself. Here they are:

Moonvamp's Twitter Account (TheSexyMuffinTop)
Moonvamp's Tumblr Page

Until then, feel free to subscribe and hopefully I don't ruin your expectations.


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