Hermie and Poppenfresh Episode One *Mature Audiences Only*

2013-02-14 18:22:52 by moonvamp

Finally! After almost a year in development, my original audio comedy project, Hermie and Poppenfresh, is now live on Youtube. It is a lengthy one at around 45 minutes, but I hope you check it out and let me know what you think of it. Be forewarned: it's for mature audiences only. So, there's adult language and situations involved as well as an ending that might not sit well with you. I will have a censored version up soon, but for now here it is: Hermie and Poppenfresh Episode One Uncensored

If you're not interested in listening to this, no worries. If you do and you enjoyed this, please spread the word and perhaps episode two will become a reality. Thank you kindly for your time.


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