Well, this is ....strange

2013-06-16 22:58:47 by moonvamp

First off, I have claimed my Internet again. Huzzah for that.

But the main reason I'm writing this is because I noticed something while looking through my audio submissions.

The Newgrounds Voice Acting Contest 10 wasn't the first one I entered into as a voice actor. I submitted a very last minute entry to last year's contest called Hoarder Cleaning. It had pitiful mixing, an improvised script with a lack in focus, subpar voice acting and acting in general, and many other things. Yet, I immediately noticed that this entry beats my "A Night To Remember" entry in terms of downloads, listens, and even overall score.

.............What? What? WHAT?

Seriously, I hope people don't find "Hoarder Cleaning" to be better than "A Night to Remember". XD That former one is a travesty. I linked both of them at the very bottom. I'm VERY interested in knowing which one you prefer and why. XD

Hoarder Cleaning

A Night To Remember


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2013-06-17 00:26:11

Well downloads and listens are higher as the file has been available for a longer time - the same goes probably for the score too - though the difference is not that high to make a clear case which one is liked more. I like the newer one more though pretty much for the reasons you stated.

moonvamp responds:

Yeah, I guess I would have been a lot more perplexed if the Hoarder Cleaning file was, let's say, a 4.75 out of 5 for score, and over 2,000 for views. Then, I would have to question some things even further. XD