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Simple humor, but it's truly the kind of humor that makes me laugh without any regrets. Also, nice work on utilizing the source filmmaker. The animations seemed very smooth when I watched it.

Wow, I didn't even think I would win at all really, especially when it came to earning nominations and winning 4th place as well as Best Acting. Best yet, RicePirate made fun of my username. Best day ever. Thank you again, and nice work on the overall project.

JaShinYa responds:

Congrats you emo-usernamed bastard! :p

The disturbingly random content in this video is executed with stellar, original animation and some nice voice work. I don't think I laughed this hard in a LONG time. If you continue to make more Hellbenders episodes in the future, I look forward to watching them with glee.

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A little too easy

There wasn't much of a challenge in this game, so that kinda out some of the overall gameplay from this. It was kinda fun though.

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The voices are mostly very distinct and varied, especially the Game Wizard's delivery. Though I can see how some reviewers think the person calling for assistance has a more whisper/raspy quality to his voice. It does aid in differentiating his voice, that's for sure, but it didn't seem like the best voice type to implement.

The writing is also good, too. The conversation between the tech support and the individual is fluid and often times hysterical, though a part of me wished that you incorporated him saying that it's his first time calling for tech support in the beginning. Otherwise, not a lot of people might be able to distinguish this for suiting the theme of this contest.

Lastly, the mixing was pleasant. It didn't go overboard, and some of the instances where you applied it, especially when he interrupts the Game Wizard by pressing 1, was perfect. Good job on also applying the music in the background and not having it at a level where it's distracting. It's the best volume, and it really does suit the situation.

Overall, nice work. I think you do stand a good chance overall in the competition.

The voices were, at times, felt a bit forced in terms of delivery. There were moments where I couldn't quite believe the characters and almost felt like caricatures. None of them really seemed memorable and sound just like any other adult trying to do a old man, flamboyant boy, etc. However, they were decent for what they were and they did make your range more differentiated. A fair warning though. Having a vast vocal range does not necessarily mean success. Remember to keep in mind the voices that you can do with believability and skill are always your friends. Acting is the most crucial part of voice acting. It also is helpful to know what sort of character type your best voices in (cocky teen, mysterious stranger, villain, etc.) and learn to often stick with that typecasting in order to nail it. One might think that this may limit them artistically, but it does make wonders when you're good at one or a few particular types, especially when it comes to auditions. Just keep at it, believe in yourself, practice, and audition if you feel that you want to do this for more than just a mere hobby.

Now, the writing is a bit awkward. The gross-out scenes seem to be trying too hard to really hit one in the funny bone in its delivery, and the overall focus of the story,in my opinion, it doesn't seem to exemplify the theme entirely well. The main character may seem to be meeting his aunt and family for the first time, but to have it revealed that he was at the neighbor's house the whole time sorta kills it. If this was going for the theme, "Simple misunderstanding/mistake" or "In the life of another family", this entry might have done it justice. Though this is just my opinion on the matter.

Lastly, the sound effects did have a dull quality to them. Nothing really stood out, and often times there could have been a better example to fully exhibit its purpose. If you ever want to look for other sound effects, check out these websites: www.freesound.org, www.soundbible.com, and www.freesfx.co.uk are some examples that I use for sound effects.

Overall, this was definitely not a bad effort. There is some potential in this, and if you really like doing this, don't give up on it.

Orias1992 responds:

Thanks looking into getting some better equiptment so the sound quality is much better, also it was kind of a rushed job. I knew I had so much time to put into it, but was kinda busy so an entry was better than no entry I figured. lol Anyways thanks for the review!

Sorry for not writing you a review sooner. Since you reviewed mine, I might as well return the favor.

First off, the writing is quite good. It's a simple concept, but it definitely showcases the woes and hardships involved in telemarketing. Plus, it doesn't try so hard to grab the listener's attention, which is always admirable. I think it suits the First theme quite well.

Second, I like the mixing. The work office ambiance really adds a nice touch to the environment. The vocals sound clean and crisp, too. Plus, the lack of sound effects actually suits this very well. Nothing too complicated and nothing that would grab the attention away from the story.

Lastly, the voices. I felt like there could have been a bit more variation, especially since I thought both the co-worker and Ben sounded kinda alike. However, it's a minor gripe since they are well portrayed. They were believable and didn't feel forced or monotone.

Overall, a nice job on your part. I say you stand a grand chance at the contest. Good luck.


I'm an amateur voice actor who can go from the usual, bass-like voice quality to high-pitched even. If anyone's interested in my services, feel free to go to my youtube channel, Moonvamp410, or send an e-mail at darkhole_dreams@hotm ail.com.

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